Domestic Violence
Sexual Assault
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Most members of our community know a family or friend who has experienced the effects of domestic violence or sexual assault.  The community plays a central role in both the response to victimization and the prevention of future violence.  Turning Point aims to both educate the community and equip the community to respond and combat interpersonal violence.

Domestic violence and sexual assault have lasting effects not only on victims and their friends and family, but on the community as well.  Both domestic violence and sexual assault are frequently referred to as public health issues due to the effects on the public at large. 

  • Domestic violence affects the entire community, not just victims
  • Rape is the costliest crime to victims (at over $100,000 per victim)
  • Domestic violence is a large contributing factor to homelessness
  • Children of domestic violence may face difficulties in school
  • Employers bear costs of victimization through benefits and lost productivity
  • Tax revenues may be lost when victims become unable to work
  • The total cost of intimate partner violence exceeds $5 billion every year